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Now everyone can use the internet and it is a common thing. If you ask a kid how to use the internet, then the kid must laugh. According to the modern world, you should know how to use the internet and there is no way without using the internet. Because now most of the things are dependent on the internet. If you want to improve your studies or want to develop business, then the internet is the best thing what you can use. Now the wireless internet is popular thing what you should use but if you use Wi-Fi internet, then you can use the internet at a cheap rate and at the similar time multiple devices can be connected to the internet.
This is the very important thing to choose a good performing router. When you have finally got the router, then you have to setup the device. The router configuration is the primary thing what you should do and follow the guide book what you have got in the router box. I do not think that you will face any problem related to the router configuration. Because it is just a connection between the router and computer. It is just a preparation of the setting. For the router settings, the IP address is the first key and you need to use it.
The primary purpose of the IP address is to log in to the router. The manufacturer of the router set an IP address and that IP address is called default IP address. For setup the router, log in to the router is necessary. Because you have to use the administrative tool what is used inside of the router as an application. With the IP address, username and password are used. Every router supplies all necessary thing with the router and you will get instructions in the router guide book. If you are confused any setting and cannot complete any task, then you should check the router guide.
The IP address will bring the form where you can use the username and password. This IP address will request the router to send the form. But if the IP address does not match with the router, then the router denies sending the form and the administrator. If the administrator makes the IP address false anyway, then the administrator does get the form what will use to login to the router. If the form does not come up or appear, then the administrator need to check the IP address what he has typed.
Mistyping the IP address is a common thing among users. Especially new routers use often do this mistake and they do not log in to the router. The IP address is a false IP address and this IP address has been created by mistake of the router users. An IP address is used for many purposes and the users of the router cannot use that IP address for any purpose. So, we will learn why the IP address 198.168.01 is a false IP address and why the false IP address does not work for any purpose.
When you use an IP address, then it should be correct IP address if you want to use the IP address for any purpose. The wrong formation of the IP address is completely useless. In the routers and networking devices, many IP addresses are used and those IP addresses are used by IP address classes. There are 3 types of IP address classes and those are A, B and C. In the home routers the IP address Class C is used most.
The IP address Class C starts from to All of the IP address have the IP address range which has to start and ending. You cannot change the IP address Class but if you like to change the IP address, then you can do this. You can change the IP address in between the IP address range. The IP address Class C starts with and You cannot change the first part of the IP address 192 but in the IP address, the administrator used 198 which made the IP address false. This is why the router cannot recognize the IP address and it does not accept the request.
Users should be confirmed what they have typed in the IP address. No mistake in the IP address is allowed. If the router user or the administrator do the mistake, then IP address does not give them connect response. The administrator should all of the causes to be false the IP address and how to change the IP address. The IP address formation should be correct when they need to change it. The administrator should change the IP address for the IP address confliction problem. In the next paragraph, we will know what things can make an IP address false.
The whole IP address is made of numbers and dots are used for the IP address rules. You cannot mix anything with the IP address. You must not use any letter or word in the IP address. No symbol or space can be placed in the IP address. You cannot use more or fewer dots in the IP address. The number of dots in the IP address is 3 only. You should maintain this number when you type the IP address and the dot should be put in the proper place. You must not try to change the IP address class. If you do so, then IP address will be false and in the IP address, the IP address class related problem has occurred.
However, some routers may accept the IP address D-Link router uses this IP address. I do not know how the IP address is set in that router. Usually, this IP address is often found in the public IP address and such IP address cannot be used in the device as private IP address. You cannot use this IP address for any purposes what you want to use.
The IP address works with the ping command to check the error connection between the router and computer. If there is any problem, then you will know about it. But if you use the false IP address with the ping, then you will get the error message. You cannot solve many problems and those may not identify according to the router guide. This is why you should read this article. However, if you cannot solve the IP address anyway, then you should contact the router vendor to solve all of the problems. The administrator may get a new device if the device warranty period validates.